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Title: Section 44.41 - Additional requirements for localities applying for State aid

Effective Date


44.41 Additional requirements for localities applying for State aid.

(a) Nonchemical control measures. Localities applying for nonchemical control of insect vectors must include in the plan a discussion of methods of habitat modification and biological control in terms of feasibility, manpower, equipment and target species in conjunction with a comprehensive delineation of the target area and anticipated short and long-term benefits.

(b) Chemical control measures. Localities which anticipate a need for chemical control measures must submit detailed plans for such measures. Plans for pesticide application must discuss the target vector, its anticipated geographic location, manpower/equipment required, chemicals/application procedures, and pertinent safeguards which will be followed.

(c) Miscellaneous responsibilities. (1) Localities anticipating the submission of vector surveillance or vector surveillance and control activities should review the response protocols available from the New York State Department of Health.

(2) Approval of a vector control program for the purpose of State aid shall not relieve any locality of its obligation to comply with all applicable laws or regulations, including Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law and implementing regulations. Each application for State aid for vector control shall include a statement indicating the applicant's acknowledgement of the obligation.

(3) Counties shall submit proposals directly to the New York State Department of Health. Other municipalities shall submit plans through their respective counties. Plans must be submitted to the Department of Health by January 15th of the calendar year for which State aid will be requested. Exceptions to this deadline may be allowed by the State Department of Health if a public health threat occurs and/or in other compelling unanticipated circumstances.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)