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Title: Section 446.13 - Visits

446.13 Visits. (a) Please report all visits in the following Ambulatory Care Service Areas:

(1) Emergency Services (account 6710)

(2) Clinic Services (account 6720)

(3) Home Program Dialysis Equipment--100% (account 6810)

(4) Home Program Dialysis Equipment--Other (account 6820)

(5) Ambulatory Surgery (account 6830)

(6) Psychiatric Day/Night (account 6840)

(7) Ambulance Services (account 6850)

(8) Other Ambulatory Services (account 6860)

(9) Free Standing Clinic (account 6870)

(10) Home Health Services

(i) Skilled Nursing Care (account 6810)

(ii) Medical Social Services (account 6820)

(iii) Home Health Aides (account 6830)

(iv) Other Home Health (account 6990)

(11) Kidney Dialysis (account 6860, 6720 or 7710, as appropriate)

(i) Renal Dialysis

(ii) Peritoneal Dialysis

(b) Discrete Medicaid rates for specialty clinics.

(1) Report these separately from the remainder of account 6720.

(2) Examples:

(i) MMTP Clinic;

(ii) Alcoholism Clinic;

(iii) Other (Specify).

(c) Program Service Areas to be reported:

(1) Total Inpatient Visits

(2) Outpatient Visits. Please refer to section 446.44(c) of this Part for all program services for which these statistics are to be reported.


VOLUME C (Title 10)