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Title: Section 446.22 - Inpatient care statistics by unit

446.22 Inpatient care statistics by unit.

(a) Basic data requirements.

(1) Number of inpatients treated:

(i) In hospital on first day of reporting period.

(ii) Admissions during current reporting year.

(iii) Total patients treated.

(2) Transfers:

(i) In.

(ii) Out.

(3) Number of discharges:

(i) Deaths.

(ii) Other.

(iii) Total.

(4) Number of patients in hospital on the last day of the reporting period.

(5) Census patient days of care rendered.

(6) Certified bed capacity end of period.

(b) Types of units. Please refer to section 446.44(b) of this Part for all program services for which these statistics are to be reported.


VOLUME C (Title 10)