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Title: Section 446.28 - Selected special service statistics

446.28 Selected special service statistics. (a) Statistical requirements.

(1) Laboratory Services--Clinical (account 7210)--number of procedures.

(2) Laboratory Services--Pathological (account 7230)--number of procedures.

(3) Electrocardiology (account 7290)--number of examinations.

(4) Neurology Diagnostic (account 7486)--number of electroencephalography examinations.

(5) Radiology--Diagnostic (account 7320):

(i) Number of films.

(ii) Number of procedures.

(iii) Diagnostic isotope procedures.

(6) Radiology Therapeutic (account 7360)--number of treatments:

(i) Superficial treatments.

(ii) Orthovoltage treatments.

(iii) Megavoltage (including Gamma) treatments.

(7) Physical Therapy (account 7510)--number of treatments.

(8) Surgery Services (account 7040):

(i) Total number of persons undergoing surgery.

(ii) Number undergoing surgery in the operating room (exclude open heart).

(iii) Number undergoing surgery elsewhere (exclude open heart).

(iv) Number receiving open heart surgery (with pump-without pump).

(v) Number of cystoscopy room procedures.

(9) Whole Blood and Packed Red Cells (account 7250)--number of transfusions.

(10) Labor and Delivery Services (account 7010) :

(i) Number of deliveries.

(ii) Number of live births.

(11) Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (account 7310)--number of procedures.

(12) Respiratory Therapy (account 7420)--number of oxygen minutes.

(13) Radiology--Diagnostic (account 7320):

(i) Number of angiocardiography procedures.

(ii) Number of Arteriography procedures.

(iii) Number of Cinefluorography procedures.

(14) Laboratory Services--Pathological (account 7230)--Tissue typing--number of tissues typed.

(15) Organs harvested (various accounts):

(i) Number of eyes harvested.

(ii) Number of kidneys harvested.

(iii) Number of other organs harvested.

(b) Distribution of statistical requirements.

(1) Please refer to section 446.44(b) of this Part for all inpatient program services for which these statistics are to be reported.

(2) Please refer to section 446.44(c) of this Part for all outpatient program services for which these statistics are to be reported.


VOLUME C (Title 10)