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Title: Section 446.34 - Services not covered

446.34 Services not covered. (a) Specific services not covered.

(1) Blood (account 7250--Whole Blood and Packed Red Cells).

(2) Blood Plasma (account 7150--Drugs Sold).

(3) Special Appliances for patients:

(i) Chargeable (account 7110--Medical Supplies Sold).

(ii) Nonchargeable (cost center utilizing the appliance).

(4) Other (specify):

(b) Program services for which data is to be reported.

(1) Inpatients:

(i) Acute Care (accounts 6010 through 6290), plus

(ii) Intensive Care (accounts 6310 through 6410).

(2) Newborn Nursery (account 6510).

(3) Premature Nursery (account 6520).

(4) Other (specify).

(5) Emergency Services (account 8710).


VOLUME C (Title 10)