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Title: Section 446.40 - Rent and equity

446.40 Rent and equity.

(a) Does any rent expense you reported remain in the New York State Cost Allocation process?

(1) Leases and Rentals--Fixed Assets (account 8815); or

(2) Leases and Rentals--Movable Equipment (account 8825) .

(b) If yes, report the following:

(1) For each lessor organization, report the amount of rent expense:

(i) fixed assets, separately from

(ii) movable equipment.

(2) Provide the name of the lessor organization and indicate if:

(i) you have an arm's length arrangement, or

(ii) a non-arm's length arrangement.

(c) If a non-arm's length arrangement exists, the owner/lessor must provide:

(1) Actual expense relative to the asset leased/rented:

(i) Depreciation.

(ii) Mortgage interest.

(iii) Insurance.

(iv) Property taxes.

(v) Other (specify).

(2) Condensed balance sheet relative to the asset leased/rented:

(i) Total assets.

(ii) Total liabilities.

(iii) Total capital (equity).

(d) Definition of non-arm's length arrangement.

(1) Operator of proprietary facility has more than a 10 percent interest in the equity of a company providing real property, goods or services to the facility.

(2) An interest in the equity means an operator has ownership or control, direct or indirect, in such a company.


VOLUME C (Title 10)