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Title: Section 454.4 - Listing of functional reporting centers and standard units of measure

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454.4 Listing of functional reporting centers and standard units of measure.

(a) The listing which follows shows each functional center and related standard unit of measure that are mandated levels of reporting for this Article. The standard units of measure are required to be reported for all functional reporting centers in which direct costs are reported. The specific definitions of each reporting center and related standard unit of measure, and the data source for its collection, are indicated in Part 455 of this Article.

(1) Non-Revenue Support Services.

Functional Reporting Centers Standard Unit of Measure

(i) Depreciation, Leases and Rentals Square feet, gross

(ii) Depreciation on Major Movable Equipment None

(iii) Interest on Capital Debt Total operating expenses

(iv) Fiscal Services Total operating expenses

(v) Administrative Services Total operating expenses

(vi) Plant Operations and Maintenance Square feet, net

(vii) Grounds Square feet serviced

(viii) Security None

(ix) Laundry and Linen Dry and clean pounds processed

(x) Housekeeping Square feet serviced

(xi) Patient Food Services Dietary meals served

(xii) Cafeteria Equivalent cafeteria meals served

(xiii) Nursing Administration Average number of nursing department employees

(xiv) Activities Program Total number of participants program

(xv) Non-Physician Education Number of students

(xvi) Medical Education Number of students

(xvii) Medical Director's Office None

(xviii) Housing Average number of persons housed

(xix) Medical Records None

(xx) Utilization Review Number of cases reviewed

(xxi) Social Services None

(xxii) Transportation Number of trips

(2) Ancillary Service Revenue Centers.

Functional Reporting Center Standard Unit of Measure

(i) Laboratory Services CAP workload measurement unit

(ii) Electrocardiology CAP workload measurement unit

(iii) Electroencephalogy CAP workload measurement unit

(iv) Radiology Relative value units

(v) Inhalation Therapy Number of treatments

(vi) Podiatry Number of visits

(vii) Dental Number of visits

(viii) Psychiatric Number of visits

(ix) Physical Therapy Number of treatments

(x) Occupational Therapy Number of treatments

(xi) Speech and Hearing Therapy Number of treatments

(xii) Pharmacy None

(xiii) Central Service Supply None

(xiv) Medical Staff Services None

(3) Program Service Revenue Centers.

(i) Inpatient.

(a) Residential Health Care Facility Patient days

(b) Adult Care Facility Patient days

(c) Intermediate Care Facility--

Mental Retardation Patient days

(d) Independent Living Patient days

(e) Specialty Pediatric Patient days

(f) Head Injury Patient days

(g) Acquired Immune Deficiency

Syndrome Patient days

(h) Long Term Ventilator Dependent Patient days

(ii) Ambulatory and Other Care.

(a) Outpatient Clinics Visits

(b) Adult Day Health Care Visits

(c) Home Health Number of home health visits

(d) Homemaker Number of homemaker visits

(e) Meals on Wheels Number of meals

(iii) Research and Auxiliary Services.

(a) Research None

(b) Physicians' Offices and Other Rentals None

(c) Gift Shop None

(d) Public Restaurant None

(e) Fund Raising None

(f) Barber and Beauty Shop None

(g) Sold Services None


VOLUME D (Title 10)