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Title: Section 455.15 - Nonphysician education

455.15 Nonphysician education. This functional reporting center must contain all the direct expenses associated with State-approved schools for educating professional people other than physicians. Additional activities include but are not limited to the following: student assistance; selecting qualified students; providing education in theory and practice conforming to approved standards; maintaining an education library and student personnel records; counseling students regarding their professional, personal and educational problems; selecting faculty personnel; assigning and supervising students in on-the-job training; and administering aptitude tests and other tests for counseling and selection purposes.

(a) Standard unit of measure: number of students. Number of students enrolled in the program(s). This number should be appropriately weighted for students who do not attend for the entire school year, and for those who do not undertake a full education workload as defined by the program.

(b) Data source. The number of students shall be determined from the education department's records.


VOLUME D (Title 10)