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Title: Section 455.21 - Social services

455.21 Social Services. (a) This functional reporting center must contain all the expenses associated with obtaining, analyzing and interpreting social and economic information to assist in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, including counseling of staff and patients in case units and group units, participating in the development of community social and health education programs, coordinating the admission and transfer of patients, coordinating discharges, and providing religious counseling and services. Additional activities include but are not limited to the following: filling out admission forms; scheduling admission times; accompanying patients to rooms or service areas after admission and arrangement of admission details; interviewing patients and relatives in order to obtain social history relevant to medical problems and planning; interpreting problems of social situations as they relate to the medical condition and/or hospitalization of the patient; arranging for post-discharge care of chronically ill patients; and collecting and revising information on community health and welfare resources.

(b) Standard unit of measure. None.


VOLUME D (Title 10)