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Title: Section 455.4 - Fiscal services

455.4 Fiscal services. This functional reporting center must contain all expenses related to managing the residential health care facility's fiscal affairs, including general ledger accounting, budgeting, accounts payable, plant asset records, payroll, inventory accounting and data processing. Additional activities include but are not restricted to the following: entering abstracted data on insurance forms; accounting for sales to other institutions; patient accounting, including the processing of patient charges, preparing claims for patient-related billings, receiving and processing payments from or on behalf of patients for services rendered, extending credit, collecting outstanding accounts, and recording and accounting for patient trust funds.

(a) Standard unit of measure: total operating expenses. The total operating expenses of the residential health care facility, less depreciation and lease costs for land, buildings and fixed equipment, and interest on capital debt.

(b) Data source. The costs shall be determined from the general accounting records.


VOLUME D (Title 10)