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Title: Section 455.5 - Administrative services

455.5 Administrative services. This functional reporting center must contain all the expenses associated with the overall management of the facility, including the office of the administrative director, management fees, public relations, auxiliaries or volunteer groups, messenger services, purchasing, governing board, information and paging activities, maintaining all insurance policies (except employee benefit insurance), licenses and taxes, and working capital interest. Additional activities include but are not limited to the following: provision of staff support to the board; charting the flow of patients through residential health care facility services; projecting daily census for budgets; pickup and delivery of mail within the residential health care facility; printing and duplication of forms and reports; operation of the communications system within the facility, including the telephone switchboard and related telephone services; receipt and processing of requisitions; monitoring perpetual supply items; obtaining quotes from selected vendors and monitoring receipt of supplies; receiving, storing and delivering materials, equipment and supplies to various departments; recruitment, employee selection, salary and wage administration; fringe benefit program administration; procurement of temporary help; scheduling and recordkeeping relative to employee visits and pre-employment and post-illness employee physicals.

(a) Standard unit of measure: total operating expenses. The total operating expenses of the facility less depreciation and lease costs for land, buildings and fixed equipment, and interest on capital debt.

(b) Data source. The costs shall be determined for the general accounting records.


VOLUME D (Title 10)