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Title: Section 455.9 - Laundry and linen services

455.9 Laundry and linen services. This functional reporting center must contain all the expenses associated with picking up, sorting, issuing, distributing, mending, washing, and processing in-service linens, including uniforms and special linens. Also included in this reporting center are linen purchases, purchased laundry services and the cost of disposable linen.

(a) Standard unit of measure: dry and clean pounds processed. The total weight of linen processed for the residential health care facility's use (including patients' personal linen and linen applicable to employee housing). If the facility is presently weighing soiled linen, a conversion to dry and clean pounds must be made by dividing the soiled weight by 110 percent. If the facility is accumulating pieces of linen as a statistic, a conversion by weight of piece must be made. In those instances where disposable linen substitutes are utilized, an equivalent weight statistic in terms of actual linen must be included.

(b) Data source. The weight should be determined from an actual measurement maintained by the laundry and linen department.


VOLUME D (Title 10)