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Title: Section 457.1 - Interpretations

Section 457.1 Interpretations. This Part contains the procedures for requesting interpretations and special waivers relating to this Article.

(a) Residential health care facilities may have significant questions relative to the meaning and interpretation of various aspects of this Article. Correspondence requesting interpretations should include suggestions on how the issue in question should be handled and considered by any advisory group to the Department of Health. Correspondence requesting interpretations and/or waivers with supporting documentation should be sent to:

New York State Office of Health Systems Management Division of Health Care Financing Empire State Plaza Albany, N.Y. 12237

(b) Major instances or items for which approval or interpretation may be sought include:

(1) interpretation of statements, as applied to a specific residential health care facility;

(2) approval to change allocation statistics;

(3) approval to establish new functional centers; and

(4) approval to waive specific procedures based on unique situations of the facility.


VOLUME D (Title 10)