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Title: Section 47-1.4 - Maintaining eligibility for awards

Effective Date


47-1.4 Maintaining eligibility for awards.

(a) Full-time continuous enrollment. Award recipients must be enrolled full-time except as permitted by section 47.2 (a)(1) and in good standing in accordance with the standards and regulations established by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation and the institution where the award recipient is receiving training. The recipient who receives awards for completing two years of education must do so in two consecutive academic years.

(b) Transfers. An award recipient may receive permission from the Commissioner of Health to transfer to another institution provided:

(1) the recipient continues training in the profession for which the award was granted;

(2) the transfer does not increase the total period of training; and

(3) the school to which the recipient transfers has a program approved by the New York State Department of Health pursuant to standards established in this Title, or the New York State Board of Regents.

(c) Reporting requirements. Award recipients must report semiannually to the Department of Health and the Higher Education Services Corporation on forms and at such times as required by these agencies.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)