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Title: Section 47-1.6 - Service obligation

Effective Date


47-1.6 Service obligation.

(a) Service obligation. A State Health Service Corps award recipient is required to work full-time in a designated facility or agency for 18 months in the profession he/she has received an award. A recipient will be required to complete his/her service obligation by working from the reporting date to completion of his/her service obligation without interruption.

(b) Reporting date. A State Health Service Corps recipient is required to begin his/her service obligation within 60 days of either completing the education for which he/she has received a State Health Service Corps award, or receiving a license in that profession whichever comes later, except that the reporting date shall not exceed:

(1) 30 months from the effective date of the first scholarship award if the recipient has received two awards; and

(2) 18 months if the recipient has received one award.

(i) In the case of a recipient whose award has been deferred, the period of time of the approved deferral shall not be included in the calculation of the reporting date described in this section.

(ii) If no appropriate position exists in any designated facilities or agencies for the recipient, the reporting date shall be extended until such a position becomes available.

(c) Alternative service. In the event a recipient fails to qualify for licensure or is unable to fulfill the service obligation in the profession for which the State Health Service Corps scholarship award is given, the Commissioner of Health, in consultation with the State Health Service Corps advisory committee, may permit the individual to provide alternative service which would meet the intent of the public service obligation.

(d) Service performance. Each recipient while employed in a designated facility or agency shall abide by all of the performance rules or requirements of that agency. Loss of employment due to unsatisfactory performance will result in default.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)