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Title: Section 47-3.1 - Underserved areas

Effective Date


Section 47-3.1 Underserved areas.

For purposes of Section 903(2)(a) of the Public Health Law, the Resident Loan Repayment Program; Section 903(2)(b) of the Public Health Law, the Physician Loan Repayment Program; and, Section 904 of the Public Health Law, the Primary Care Practitioner Scholarship Program, underserved areas shall be located in New York State and shall include the following:

(a) areas designated by the federal government as a Health Professional Shortage Area;

(b) not-for-profit diagnostic and treatment centers, with an operating certificate issued pursuant to section 401.1 of this Title which serve the medically indigent and Medicaid-eligible persons;

(c) facilities participating in state-supported rural health networks;

(d) programs receiving federal Title 10 funding;

(e) Department of Health approved Prenatal Care Assistance Programs;

(f) facilities or programs supported by the Department of Health Primary Care Services Grant program, pursuant to Section 2807 of the Public Health Law;

(g) school-based clinics providing primary care services;

(h) Department of Health designated AIDS service sites;

(i) state operated facilities;

(j) facilities and service sites operated by county health departments;

(k) sites serving the homeless or Native Americans;

(l) facilities licensed by the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services;

(m) managed care plans approved by the Commissioner;

(n) other sites, areas and facilities determined by the Commissioner to have a significant need for additional primary care physicians and primary care practitioners.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)