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Title: Section 47-5.1 - Definitions

Effective Date


Section 47-5.1 Definitions.

(a) "Underserved area" shall mean a site, area or facility designated under section 47-3.1 of this Part.

(b) "Recipient" shall mean a physician who has signed a service agreement pursuant to this Subpart agreeing to practice medicine in an underserved area.

(c) "Service agreement" shall mean the written agreement prepared by the Department of Health and signed by a recipient specifying the terms of the award and service obligation. Each agreement will require a minimum two-year service obligation.

(d) "Award" shall mean the funds, provided under this Subpart on an annual basis, for the purpose of repaying some or all of the qualifying debt of the recipient.

(e) "Qualifying debt" shall mean any outstanding, unpaid debt incurred by the recipient for loans to cover tuition and other related educational expenses made by, or guaranteed by, the federal or state government, or made by a lending or educational institution approved under Title IV of the federal higher education act;

(f) "License" shall mean a license to practice medicine in New York State issued by the State Education Department.

(g) "Service obligation" shall mean the period of time a recipient must practice in an underserved area.

(h) "Rescission" shall mean the withdrawal, cancellation or revocation of an award in accordance with the provisions of section 47-5.4 of this Subpart, after the signing of a service agreement.

(i) "Waiver" shall mean full or partial release by the Commissioner of the service obligation and/or financial obligation for repayment of an award incurred or owed by a recipient;

(j) "Deferral" shall mean a delay or temporary suspension granted by the Commissioner of an award payment, service obligation, or any financial obligation for repayment of an award by the recipient, with no resulting reduction in service or financial obligation;

(k) "Default" shall occur if the recipient has not received an approved deferral or waiver and the recipient is not available to fulfill his/her service obligation on the start date, the recipient fails to complete the service obligation, or the award is rescinded after payment of monies to the recipient.

(l) "President" shall mean the President of the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation.

(m) "Primary care physician" means a physician specialist in the field of family practice, general pediatrics, primary care internal medicine, or primary care obstetrics and gynecology who provides or arranges for coordinated primary care services.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)