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Title: Section 47-6.2 - Eligibility for an award

Effective Date


47-6.2 Eligibility for an award.

(a) To be eligible for Primary Care Service Corps scholarship award, an individual must:

(1) show evidence of enrollment or acceptance for full- time study or part-time study in a primary care practitioner program. The Commissioner of Health may permit individuals who are not enrolled or who have not been accepted for enrollment to apply for an award, but an award will not be made until the individual provides evidence of enrollment or acceptance into a primary care practitioner program.

(2) be within 24 months of completing the program of study on a full-time basis or be within 48 months of completing the program of study on a part-time basis;

(3) be eligible to apply for licensure, registration or certification, as appropriate, in the profession of study after completion of the primary care practitioner program;

(4) be a United States citizen or resident alien who is holding a valid I-551 card or a valid I-151 card issued by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service;

(5) be a New York State resident;

(6) meet the character and moral standards required for licensure registration or certification, as appropriate; and

(7) complete, sign and file an application with the Department of Health on such forms as are specified by the Department at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the semester for which an award is sought or by a later date specified by the Commissioner. All required supplementary documentation shall be filed as directed. Incomplete, illegible or vague applications may be rejected. Applications filed after the deadlines specified may be rejected.

(b) An individual may be determined to be ineligible to receive a Primary Care Service Corps scholarship award if:

(1) the individual is already receiving any other scholarship or fellowship award that requires the fulfillment of a service obligation;

(2) the individual is identified by Higher Education Services Corporation as having defaulted on the repayment of a guaranteed student loan or as being in default under the terms of any other governmentally administered scholarship or financial aid program.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)