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Title: Section 47-6.5 - Award rescission and deferrals

Effective Date


47-6.5 Award rescission and deferrals.

(a) Award rescission. An award may be rescinded by the Commissioner if:

(1) prior to full payment of an award, the recipient withdraws from the primary care practitioner program or otherwise fails to maintain enrollment;

(2) prior to full payment of an award, the recipient fails to maintain good academic standing;

(3) the recipient is convicted of any felony or a lesser offense related to professional activity; or

(4) the recipient is found to have provided fraudulent or willfully misrepresented information in the application or supporting documents.

(b) If, prior to full payment of an award, the recipient fails to complete and return a payment application and any required supplementary documentation as required by the Higher Education Services Corporation or fails to report to the Higher Education Services Corporation and the Department of Health at least annually and as may be necessary to implement the program on such forms and at such times as required by the President and the Commissioner, the Commissioner may deny full or partial payment of an award.

(c) Award deferral. An award may be postponed or deferred temporarily by the Commissioner because of one or more of the conditions described in subdivisions (a) and (b) of this section if the Commissioner determines that the condition will be corrected within a reasonable time or that the circumstances warrant a deferral rather than a rescission.

(d) The Commissioner will notify the President of any award rescissions or deferrals.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)