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Title: Section 492.7 - Nutrition services.

492.7 Nutrition services. (a) A meal must be provided to each participant in attendance at the program during the time meals are served in the facility. The meal must provide at least one third of an adult's daily nutritional requirement as recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

(b) A nutritious mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and evening snack must be offered daily to each participant in attendance.

(c) A modified diet must be provided for a participant, if prescribed in writing by a physician, and if such diets are regularly available to residents of the facility.

(d) If the operator does not provide or cannot arrange for the provision of a modified diet to a participant who needs such a diet, the participant cannot be accepted or retained in the program.

(e) Space permitting, participants and residents must dine together.

(f) Nutrition education must be provided to participants in need of such instruction, as determined by the individual service plans.

(g) The operator must assure that the quality and quantity of food provided to participants complies with the provisions of sections 487.8 and 488.7 of this Title.

(h) Food service records for the nonresident program must be maintained in accordance with sections 487.8 and 488.8 of this Title.



VOLUME B-1 (Title 18)