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Title: Section 492.8 - Support services.

492.8 Support services. (a) Participants must be observed throughout the time spent in the nonresident services program for symptoms of illness or injury.

(b) The operator must make advance arrangements for the care of participants who become ill or are injured while receiving nonresident services. Such arrangements must include:

(1) immediate notification of the participant's caregiver or representative;

(2) provision for emergency medical care or first aid; and

(3) notification of the participant's physician.

(c) Specific instructions obtained from a physician for the care of persons with special medical problems or needs must be written on their records and followed.

(d) Participants must be permitted to retain and self-administer their own medications provided their physicians have certified, in writing, that they are capable of doing so.

(e) Self-administration of medication means that the person for whom a medication is prescribed is able to:

(1) correctly read the label on the medication container;

(2) correctly interpret the label;

(3) correctly ingest, inject or apply the medication, whichever is appropriate;

(4) correctly follow instructions as to the time and/or frequency of taking the medications; and

(5) obtain the medication.

(f) For participants who require, by order of their physicians, assistance with self-administration of medication, the operator may:

(1) remind the participant when it is time to take the medication;

(2) read the label to the participant;

(3) help the participant to open the container;

(4) observe the participant to see that the correct dosage is being taken, according to the prescription. Neither the operator nor staff of a nonresident services program can administer medication to a participant in the program.

(g) If a participant is assisted in the administration of medications, a record must be kept for each participant in accordance with applicable provisions of sections 487.7 and 488.7 of this Title.

(h) Medication kept by a facility for a participant must be stored in accordance with applicable provisions of sections 487.7 and 488.7 of this Title.

(i) Medication kept by the facility must be returned to the participant, caregiver or sponsor:

(1) when the participant leaves the program on a permanent basis;

(2) when a physician changes a medication order;

(3) upon the occurrence of the expiration date; or

(4) when the container is empty.



VOLUME B-1 (Title 18)