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Title: Section 492.9 - Records and reports.

492.9 Records and reports. (a) The operator must maintain records for each participant in the nonresident services program which contain a copy of:

(1) the written agreement;

(2) a medical evaluation and semiannual update;

(3) a preadmission interview;

(4) a written plan for services; and

(5) such other information relating to the physical, mental and social status of the participant.

(b) The following records must be maintained for the nonresident services program:

(1) a chronological admission and discharge register (DSS-3026) or a substitute approved by the department;

(2) a daily attendance record; and

(3) an incident report (DSS-2903).

(c) The operator must assure that program and participant records are maintained and retained according to applicable provisions of sections 487.10 and 488.10 of this Title.



VOLUME B-1 (Title 18)