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Title: Section 494.7 - Environmental standards.

494.7 Environmental standards. (a) An operator of an assisted living program must comply with the following standards in addition to the applicable standards contained in sections 487.11 and 488.11 of this Title.

(b) Space must be provided for the administrative activities and records associated with the provision of home care services and to accommodate the care needs of residents.

(c) In a building used by an adult home or enriched housing program operator for an approved assisted living program where residents share all space other than bedrooms:

(1) A supervised smoke detection system, which is listed by an acceptable testing laboratory, must be installed in the following locations:

(i) in each corridor at least every 40 feet on center, or less if required by the manufacturer;

(ii) at the top of all stairways, elevators and hoistways and other unsealed shafts; and

(iii) in attics, basements and open floor areas designated for public or resident use, at least one detector for each 1,000 square feet of open or unpartitioned space.

(2) An automatic sprinkler system must be installed throughout the building.

(3) Smoke stops are required in all corridors 100 feet long.

(4) A centralized emergency call system must be installed in all resident bedrooms, toilet areas and bathing areas.

(d) The building used by an enriched housing program operator for an approved assisted living program must comply with standards specified in section 488.11(c)(1) or, if located in New York City, 488.11(c)(2) of this Title in addition to the standards specified elsewhere in this Part.



VOLUME B-1 (Title 18)