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Title: Section 5-1.23 - Reporting emergencies

Effective Date


5-1.23 Reporting emergencies. (a) The supplier of water shall not take, use, or cause to be taken for use water from any emergency source or stop or alter disinfection or other treatment processes without first having notified by telephone or telegram, and received the approval of, the State. On receipt of such notification, the State shall advise the supplier of water and interested local officials of the approved action or proposed action by the supplier of water to protect the public health during the emergency.

(b) The supplier of water must make State notification when he determines that the delivery of water is interrupted to a minimum of 25 individuals or 15 service connections, or to a minimum of one percent of the total number of individuals served or service connections, whichever is larger, for a period of four hours or more.

(c) A printed copy of this section shall be conspicuously posted in the office used by the supplier of water.


VOLUME A (Title 10)