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Title: Section 5-2.2 - Scope

5-2.2 Scope. Minimum requirements are hereby prescribed governing the location, construction and abandonment of water wells used for drinking, culinary and food processing purposes other than municipal or public sources, together with procedures relating thereto, in implementation of this Subpart. No person shall construct or abandon or cause to be constructed or abandoned, any water well, nor shall any person install or cause to be installed, any pump or pumping equipment contrary to this Subpart. Distribution of water beyond the point of discharge from the storage or pressure tank, or beyond the point of discharge from the pump if no tank is employed and to wells used or intended to be used as a source of water supply for public water supply systems, or to any pump, well, or other equipment used temporarily for de-watering purposes shall comply with all other applicable State and local regulations.


VOLUME A (Title 10)