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Title: Section 5-2.8 - Application to construct a water well

5-2.8 Application to construct a water well. An application for permission to construct a water well shall be submitted by the applicant or his agent and contain the following information:

(a) name and address of the applicant;

(b) legal or other description adequate to locate the property and the well;

(c) name and address of the water well contractor;

(d) estimated depth in feet and method of construction;

(e) purpose for which well is to be used and desired yield;

(f) proposed diameter of the well and drillhole in inches;

(g) type and depth of the proposed well casing;

(h) approximate distance and relative elevation to well of any potential sources of ground water pollution which may be located within 200 feet of such well including, without limitation, the following: privy, sewage seepage pit, sewage filter bed, sewage disposal field, underground sewers, septic tank, storm water drain, building foundation drain, milk house drain outlet, manure pile, barn gutter, silo, abandoned well, other well, sink hole, cow yard, hog lot, chicken yard, other animal yard, stone quarry, mine, rock outcrop, rain water cistern, solid waste disposal site, calcium or salt piles;

(i) distance to well from existing and proposed structures, as well as property lines located within 100 feet;

(j) statement of whether site is subject to flooding; and

(k) statement regarding the availability of a public water supply.


VOLUME A (Title 10)