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Title: Section 5-5.3 - Definitions

Effective Date


5-5.3 Definitions. As used in this Subpart, the following words and terms shall have the indicated meaning, except as otherwise specifically provided:

(a) Nonpublic Water System means any water supply serving less than 25 individuals on a daily basis and having less than five service connections.

(b) Point-of-use treatment means any type of chemical added to the water or any type of treatment device or system of devices installed on a water line within the property line of a consumer or on a nonpublic water source to improve water quality.

(c) Service Connection means the pertinent pipes, valves and fittings that connect a distribution system to a consumer's facility.

(d) State means the State Commissioner of Health, or his designated representative.

(e) Water quality treatment district means a district established under applicable provisions of the County Law and the Town Law which allow county or town ownership and operation of point-of-use treatment systems.


VOLUME A (Title 10)