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Title: Section 5-5.4 - Submission for approval

Effective Date


5-5.4 Submission for approval. Maps, plans and specifications submitted to the State for approval shall be signed and sealed by an engineer licensed to practice in New York State. Approval will be based on completeness of submission, appropriate treatment for the contaminants, demonstrated effectiveness of treatment units, provision for adequate installation, operation and maintenance of treatment units and protection of the occupants and operators. Submissions shall include, but are not limited to, the following items:

(a) A map of the proposed water quality treatment district. The map or maps shall include:

(1) location of district boundaries;

(2) existing public water system boundaries adjacent to or within the proposed water quality treatment district;

(3) sites of proposed installation of point-of-use treatment systems;

(4) sites of samples collected to determine water quality. Number and distribution shall be adequate to determine extent and degree of contamination; and

(5) sites of existing installations of point-of-use treatment systems.

(b) Plans and specifications of the proposed point-of-use treatment systems.

(c) Plans and specifications of typical installations.

(d) An engineering report detailing the following items:

(1) test results of sampling conducted to determine water quality at water sources within the proposed district;

(2) alternate non point-of-use treatment solutions considered;

(3) alternate types of point-of-use treatment considered;

(4) results of pilot studies;

(5) recommended alternative showing the type and location of proposed point-of-use treatment systems;

(6) evaluation of existing point-of-use treatment systems and necessary improvements;

(7) operation and maintenance of the point-of-use treatment installations;

(8) operator qualifications and training;

(9) administration and financing of the water quality treatment district. If all or part of the water quality treatment district services are to be subcontracted to another agency, private company or individual by the county or town, the qualifications and responsibilities of the subcontractor shall be included;

(10) monitoring (parameters and frequency) of the point-of-use treatment systems and sources within the water quality treatment district; and

(11) disposal of waste water and materials.


VOLUME A (Title 10)