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Title: Section 5-6.12 - Labeling

Effective Date


5-6.12 Labeling. Each bottle or container shall bear a label, to be affixed to each bottle or container before it leaves the plant. Wording shall be printed in English, in legible type which shall be in contrast by typography, layout, or color, with other printed matter on the label, cap, or container.

(a) Each label shall show:

(1) The type of source water:

(i) For water coming from springs: "Spring Water."

(ii) For artesian or pumped water taken from the ground, from drilled wells or approved dug wells: "Well Water."

(iii) For a municipal water supply source, the name of the municipal supply, such as "New York City Public Water Supply", "Buffalo City Public Water Supply", etc.

(iv) For bottled waters identified on the label as being distilled, the type of source water does not need to be shown.

(2) Address and location of the bottling facility or corporate offices.

(3) Net contents and/or capacity of the container.

(4) The assigned New York State Health Department certificate number. Abbreviations are limited to "NYSHD Cert. #000."

(5) Where sodium content information is provided, a statement of the number of milligrams of sodium in a specified serving and the net quantity (measure) of each serving shall be placed on the label.

(b) In all situations where the commissioner has exempted a bottled water from the inorganic chemical and/or radiological maximum contaminant levels, an appropriate label, approved by the commissioner, shall be conspicuously placed on all bottles or containers of such exempted water manufactured, distributed or sold at retail within the State of New York. The label shall contain the statement:

"This water contains levels of minerals* in excess of standards for drinking water established by the New York State Commissioner of Health and, therefore, should not be used as a principal or sole source of drinking water."

*The specific minerals in excess of standards may be placed anywhere on the bottle.


VOLUME A (Title 10)