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Title: Section 5-6.6 - Bottling plant facilities

Effective Date


5-6.6 Bottling plant facilities. Bottling plants must be constructed to facilitate cleanliness and be maintained to maximize sanitation and public health protection.

(a) Buildings and rooms shall be of sufficient size to allow for the proper installation of equipment and to allow for movement of personnel during operation.

(b) The bottle filling operations shall be separated from other plant operations or storage areas by tight walls, ceilings and self-closing doors or other appropriate barriers to isolate these areas and provide protection against incidental contamination. Conveyor openings shall not exceed the size required to permit passage of containers.

(c) Plant buildings shall be verminproof.

(d) Walls and ceilings shall be smooth, light color, washable and kept in good repair. Overhead structures, fixtures, ducts and pipes shall not be suspended over working areas so that drip or condensate may contaminate products or product contact surfaces.

(e) Floors shall be smooth, nonabsorbent and verminproof. Floors are to be graded to adequate drains equipped with traps and grills.

(f) Doors and windows to outside areas shall be adequately screened and/or otherwise protected against entry of vermin, airborne contamination, and particulates.

(g) All rooms are to be provided with sufficient ventilation to keep them free of excessive heat, steam, condensation, vapors, odors and fumes.

(h) Lighting, either natural or artificial, shall be provided in all rooms where bottled or packaged waters are produced. An intensity of not less than 50 foot-candles shall be provided in inspection areas; 30 foot-candles in work spaces and 5 foot-candles in storage areas. Light bulbs, fixtures, skylights or other glass suspended over exposed production areas shall be of the safety type or otherwise protected from breakage to prevent finished product contamination.

(i) Washrooms shall be convenient, separate and apart from any room or rooms where bottled or packaged water is processed and from areas where bottles and packages are sanitized. Toilets, urinals and wash basins shall be provided, as appropriate, for the number of employees. Washrooms shall be equipped with self-closing doors and fitted with windows or separate ventilation to the outside. Signs shall be posted directing employees to wash their hands after using the toilet.

(j) Clean, dry storage facilities shall be provided for finished product containers and packaging materials.

(k) Dressing rooms shall be provided for changing and hanging street apparel and shall be apart and separate from work areas.

(l) Wastewater disposal shall be provided and have discharge to a municipal wastewater system or a State approved individual wastewater disposal system.


VOLUME A (Title 10)