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Title: Section 500.2 - How provided.

500.2 How provided. (Additional statutory authority: N.Y. Const., art. XVII, 2; Social Security Law, Section 17)

(a) Medical care as herein defined shall be provided by social services officials in accordance with regulations of the department, which shall require full and proper use of existing public and private medical and health services.

(b) Such medical care may be secured through the use of medical personnel who provide services:

(1) as individual independent medical practitioners;

(2) through medical professional service corporations organized under article 15 of the Business Corporation Law;

(3) as members of a medical facility;

(4) through the auspices of insurance or indemnity plans, provided the organization employing such methods of group medical protection or treatment are, when required by law, appropriately licensed by the New York State Department of Insurance; or

(5) through the auspices of comprehensive health care organizations or plans using the prepayment capitation principle, provided the organizations employing such methods of group medical care are, when required by law, appropriately qualified, licensed, or certified by the New York State Departments of Insurance or Health, or other designated regulatory agency.

(c) However, the use of such group-based resources is not to be effectuated in any local social services district until approval is secured from the State Department of Social Services. Such State approval will be dependent on a review of data submitted by the local social services district covering such factors as quality, standards, adequacy of protection, extent and duration of coverage, and cost analyses which demonstrate that the plan will assure prompt, adequate medical care to individuals at reasonable cost.



VOLUME C (Title 18)