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Title: Section 501.2 - Supervisor of medical services.

501.2 Supervisor of medical services. (a) The commissioner of public welfare, or other appointive officer, shall appoint a qualified physician to serve as supervisor of medical services, on a full- or part-time basis. This physician shall serve under the general direction of the commissioner and shall have the responsibility for developing and supervising the professional aspects of the medical care program.

(b) Qualifications. (1) Minimum requirements:

(i) residence in New York State;

(ii) a degree of doctor of medicine;

(iii) a license and current registration to practice in New York State.

(c) Basic responsibilities. The supervisor of medical services shall be responsible to the commissioner of welfare for the functions listed in this subdivision:

(1) advise the commissioner on all aspects of medical care for which the local welfare agency is responsible;

(2) give professional direction to the medical program;

(3) be responsible for specifically approving, in accordance with the office procedures of the agency, certain extraordinary or expensive types of services requested in individual cases;

(4) consult with Social Services and other staff of the agency on medical or related problems of individual patients and interpretation of medical information;

(5) consult, where necessary, with attending physicians on diagnosis, treatment, and number of visits in special problem cases;

(6) review presumptive AD cases for adequacy of medical information and check established AD group II cases to ascertain that any indicated rehabilitation regimens are being followed;

(7) periodically review the medical records of welfare recipients to determine whether the amount and type of medical care previously authorized appears to be consistent with good medical practice and best meets the needs of the patient at the most reasonable cost.



VOLUME C (Title 18)