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Title: Section 501.3 - Staff duties.

501.3 Staff duties. The functions listed in this section shall be carried out by personnel assigned to the medical care unit or by other personnel as designated by the commissioner:

(a) authorize medical services or supplies in accord with policies and standards defined in instructions of the department. One or more staff members shall be deputized to issue these authorizations;

(b) refer to the supervisor of medical services requests for medical services or supplies which require his written authorization or approval;

(c) maintain an adequate system for maintaining medical information on all patients on individual cards or in family folders, and other medical records required by the agency, such as a file of patients in State-approved nursing homes or a file of patients receiving special diets;

(d) communicate directly with the social service staff regarding matters not requiring the personal attention of the supervisor of medical services;

(e) act as liaison between the commissioner and other staff of the agency, and the professional and clerical personnel of the Medical Care Unit regarding the administrative details not requiring the personal attention of the supervisor of medical services;

(f) when delegated, approve bills for medical services and forward to accounting unit for payment;

(g) assure that practitioners and vendors are routinely kept informed of changes in standards, procedures and fees in the agency's medical care program;

(h) carry out additional responsibilities as may be delegated to them by the commissioner.



VOLUME C (Title 18)