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Title: Section 504.6 - Acceptance of an application.

504.6 Acceptance of an application. (a) Upon acceptance of an application, the department shall issue to the provider instructions on participation in the medical assistance program and filing of claims for payment. In addition, the provider shall be given an identifying number to be used exclusively by the provider for billing and identification purposes.

(b) Enrollment, including the use of the identifying number, is not assignable or transferrable but is strictly limited to the provider to which it was issued unless authorized in writing by the department prior to the assignment or transfer.

(c) A provider's participation may begin only on or after the date specified in the notification of acceptance. A provider may participate in the program for the period specified in the notice of acceptance, unless participation has been otherwise terminated or suspended under this Title.

(d) A provider may submit claims only for services provided by the provider or another person under his supervision and in compliance with this Title; the name of the person actually furnishing the care, services or supplies shall be indicated on the claim form in the space provided.



VOLUME C (Title 18)