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Title: Section 506.4 - Orthodontic care.

Effective Date


506.4 Orthodontic care. (a) Orthodontic care shall be provided, in accordance with criteria and procedures set forth in the Medicaid Dental Provider Manual, at, only:

(1) for a person under twenty-one years of age with a severe physically handicapping malocclusion, up to a maximum of three years of active orthodontic care, plus one year of retention care, provided that treatment was approved and active therapy begun prior to the person's twenty-first birthday; or

(2) for a person twenty-one years of age or older, in connection with necessary surgical treatment (e.g. approved orthognathic surgery, reconstructive surgery or cleft palate treatment).

(b) Orthodontic care shall be provided only by qualified practitioners as determined by the Department.


VOLUME C (Title 18)