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Title: Section 507.4 - Medical rehabilitation and mental health.

507.4 Medical rehabilitation and mental health. (a) Medical rehabilitation. Children with handicapping physical defects, including physically handicapping malocclusion, the nature of which may make them eligible for care under the physically handicapped children's program of the State Department of Health shall be referred promptly to the local medical rehabilitation director for determination of medical eligibility for such program. If a child is determined to be medically eligible therefor, the local social services official shall determine financial eligibility for medical assistance. If the case is determined to be fully eligible financially for medical assistance, the medical services shall be authorized by the local social services official and payments for such services shall be made in full from medical assistance funds. If, however, the social services official determines that the case is not fully eligible financially and that the child's parents are required to contribute toward the cost of his care under medical assistance eligibility standards, the case shall be referred for payment for that care to the physically handicapped children's program.

(b) Mental health. Utilization of available child guidance or mental health clinics, or other suitable resources, shall be arranged as indicated for children with evidence of emotional disturbance or behavior disorder.



VOLUME C (Title 18)