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Title: Section 508.10 - Forms and reports.

508.10 Forms and reports. (a) Local social services officials and/or providers must, in reporting services provided, claiming reimbursement for the services provided, tracking the services provided and verifying receipt of services, use forms and reports approved by the department.

(b) The department will issue to each social services district a semiannual outreach report that lists persons eligible for C/THP services residing in that district who are identified as requiring the offer of C/THP services. Local social services officials must report on a semiannual outreach report form the results of contacts with persons eligible for C/THP services identified on the semiannual outreach report. Such form must be submitted to the department in accordance with instructions issued by the department.

(c) Local social services officials should use the C/THP exam and referrals report prepared by the department to update C/THP histories of C/THP recipients, to assist in conducting C/THP interviews and to determine the success of outreach activities.



VOLUME C (Title 18)