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Title: Section 508.2 - General policy.

508.2 General policy. (a) Each local social services district will establish and administer a C/THP for its district, directly or through a contract, in accordance with a plan submitted to and approved by the department. Revisions or amendments to the district's initial C/THP plan must be submitted in writing to the department for approval. Revisions must be approved by the department prior to being implemented.

(b) Each local social services district must assemble an outreach advisory council which will meet at least annually to develop and monitor a plan for increasing the number of eligible persons participating in C/THP. The council must include providers of medical services, consumers, advocates, and representatives of local health departments, and must report to the State Commissioner of Social Services annually on the character and effectiveness of local outreach initiatives. The first report should be submitted no later than 12 months from the effective date of this Part (May 16, 1988).



VOLUME C (Title 18)