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Title: Section 508.5 - Provision of C/THP services.

508.5 Provision of C/THP services. (a) All persons eligible for C/THP services requesting examinations, diagnosis and treatment under C/THP will be given the names and locations of providers offering such services and will be informed that assistance is available for scheduling appointments with those providers if such assistance is requested, and that assistance with transportation services is available under the medical assistance program if such assistance is requested.

(b) The initial C/THP examinations must be provided within 90 days, a dental visit must be provided within 120 days, and initiation of treatment for identified medical or physical conditions must be provided within six months of the date of the request for services or of the date eligibility is determined if the request for services is made prior to a determination of eligibility.

(c) The local social services district must offer C/THP services to households containing children whose names appear on the State semiannual outreach report described in section 508.10(b) of this Part.

(d) The local social services district is not required to provide a C/THP examination to a person eligible for C/THP services if there exists written verification from the department, or from a provider authorized to provide services under the C/THP, which indicates that the most recent age-appropriate screening services due under the periodicity schedule contained in section 508.8 of this Part have already been provided to the person eligible for C/THP services.

(e) For children three years of age and over, dental services must be furnished by a direct referral to a dentist for diagnosis and treatment.

(f) If medical or dental services which are needed as a result of conditions discovered during screening and treatment are not covered by the medical assistance program, the local social services district must provide referral assistance for these services.



VOLUME C (Title 18)