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Title: Section 510.2 - State reimbursement.

510.2 State reimbursement. (a) State reimbursement shall be available for payments to chiropractors meeting the requirements provided in section 509.1 of this Part, for chiropractic services as defined in article 132 of the State Education Law, made in accordance with fee schedules established by the social services district, but reimbursement shall not be available for payments made in excess of the maximum reimbursable fees promulgated by the Director of the Budget.

(b) State reimbursement shall not be available for expenditures made for the following:

(1) chiropractic services beyond the third visit, when a satisfactory treatment plan has not been received within 10 days of that visit;

(2) chiropractic services rendered after the 10th day of a subsequent month when a progress report or amendment of the treatment plan has not been received for the preceding month;

(3) chiropractic services rendered to a patient not referred to a physician after such time as the chiropractor identifies or suspects presence of a disease, disorder or disability not treatable by the practice of chiropractic, or after conference with the local medical director or his designee indicates need for referral to a physician, except in the instances where the patient refuses to accept the services of a physician.



VOLUME C (Title 18)