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Title: Section 51.17 - Disqualification for bias

Effective Date


Section 51.17 Disqualification for bias.

(a) A hearing officer and, in hearings governed by Public Health Law section 230, a committee member, shall be disqualified for bias. For purposes of this section, bias shall exist only when there is an expectation of pecuniary or other personal benefit from a particular outcome of the case or when there is a substantial likelihood that the outcome of the case will be affected by a person's prior knowledge of the case, prior acquaintance with the parties, witnesses, representatives, or other participants in the hearing, or other predisposition with regard to the case. The appearance of impropriety shall not constitute bias and shall not be a grounds for disqualification. Hearing officers and committee members are presumed to be free from bias.

(b) A hearing officer or committee member may disqualify himself/herself for bias on his/her own motion. A party seeking disqualification for bias has the burden of demonstrating bias. The party seeking disqualification shall submit to the hearing officer an affidavit pursuant to SAPA section 303 setting forth the facts establishing bias. Mere allegations of bias shall be insufficient to establish bias.

(c) The hearing officer shall rule on the request for disqualification.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)