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Title: Section 512.2 - Requirements for pharmacies.

512.2 Requirements for pharmacies. (a) A pharmacy participating in the MA program is required to ensure that the following minimum information concerning the drug or drugs which it is being asked to dispense is entered into the EMEVS when an MA recipient, for whom MA eligibility has been verified, presents an order for an out-patient drug or drugs for which the pharmacy claims payment under the MA program:

(1) the NDC for the drug or drugs;

(2) the number of days for which the drug or drugs will be supplied;

(3) the date of the order; and

(4) the ordering practitioner's Medicaid Management Information System

(MMIS) identification number, the practitioner's license number, or the certification number of the facility in which the drugs were ordered.

(b) The department may, from time to time, require additional information to be entered into the EMEVS by pharmacies under this section.

(c) The requirements of this section will be applied to pharmacies enrolled in the MA program 30 days after the date of the department's written notice to pharmacies advising them of the requirements, the drugs to which they apply, and the procedures to be followed to comply with the requirements.



VOLUME C (Title 18)