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Title: Section 51.9 - Hearing officer

51.9 Hearing officer.

(a) No hearing officer shall preside who has any bias with respect to the matter involved in the proceeding. Any party may file with the department a request, together with a supporting affidavit, that a hearing officer be removed on the basis of personal bias or other good cause.

(b) The hearing officer shall conduct the hearing in a fair and impartial manner.

(c) The hearing officer shall have the power to:

(1) rule upon requests, including all requests for adjournments;

(2) set the time and place of hearing;

(3) administer oaths and affirmations;

(4) issue subpoenas requiring the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of books, records, contracts, papers and other evidence;

(5) summon and examine witnesses, including the authority to direct a party, without necessity of subpoena, to appear and to testify;

(6) admit or exclude evidence;

(7) limit the number of times any witness may testify, repetitious examination or cross-examination, and the amount of corroborative or cumulative testimony;

(8) hear argument on facts or law;

(9) order the parties to appear for a prehearing conference to consider matters which may simplify the issues or expedite the proceeding;

(10) order that opening statements be made; and

(11) do all acts and take all measures necessary, but not otherwise prohibited by this Part, for the maintenance of order and the efficient conduct of the hearing.

(d) The hearing officer shall not have the power to:

(1) remove testimony from the transcript by deletion, expungement or otherwise; and

(2) dismiss the charges unless otherwise authorized by designation.

(e) Upon being notified that a hearing officer declines or fails to serve, or in the case of death, resignation or removal of the hearing officer, or upon the initiative of the commissioner, or the appropriate board or council, a successor hearing officer shall be designated to continue the proceeding.

(f) The designation of a hearing officer shall be in writing and filed with the department.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)