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Title: Section 519.14 - Prehearing conference.

519.14 Prehearing conference. (a) A prehearing conference will be held at least seven days in advance of the hearing date at which time each party must disclose the evidence that the party intends to introduce at the hearing, including documentary evidence and identification of witnesses, and consider:

(1) simplification of the issues;

(2) amendments to any pleadings, notices or replies for purposes of clarification;

(3) stipulations, admissions of fact, contents or authenticity of documents, or the accuracy of any photocopy or reproduction intended to be introduced at the hearing;

(4) limitations on the number of witnesses; and

(5) other matters which would expedite the disposition of the proceeding.

(b) Any stipulations and procedural issues not resolved at the prehearing conference must be submitted to the hearing officer upon commencement of the hearing for a determination on the record or other further proceedings as the hearing officer may require. Any party who fails to attend the prehearing conference or who unreasonably denies or refuses to admit a fact, authenticate a document, exchange witness lists or proposed exhibits, will be precluded from denying the fact, or denying the authenticity or accuracy of the document or from introducing the exhibit or the testimony of the witness or objecting to the introduction of the exhibit or the testimony of witnesses.



VOLUME C (Title 18)