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Title: Section 519.17 - Responsibilities at the hearing.

519.17 Responsibilities at the hearing. (a) The department must provide a representative at the hearing to present the audit file and summarize the case.

(b) The department will provide a brief opening summary of the proceedings had thus far, including:

(1) the names, addresses and ownership or other relationships of persons affected by the action;

(2) the action which prompted the request for the hearing;

(3) a brief description of the facts, evidence and reasons supporting the action including identification of the specific provisions of law or regulations upon which the action was based; and

(4) a copy of its final determination.

(c) The appellant may provide a brief opening statement summarizing his/her reasons for believing that the department's actions were based upon mistakes of fact, were arbitrary and capricious, or were an abuse of discretion.



VOLUME C (Title 18)