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Title: Section 519.3 - Definitions.

519.3 Definitions. The definitions set forth in Parts 515 and 517 of this Title apply to this Part. In addition, the following terms have the following meanings:

(a) Appellant is any person who requests a hearing or his/her authorized representative.

(b) Final determination is a final audit report or notice of agency action sanctioning a person, or requiring the repayment of overpayments or restitution.

(c) Hearing is the procedure by which a person may appeal from determinations of the department sanctioning a person or requiring the repayment of overpayments or payment of restitution.

(d) Hearing officer is a person who is employed by the department to conduct administrative hearings.

(e) Parties are the appellant and the department.

(f) Mass change is a change initiated by the department or the Legislature which affects all or a significant portion of all providers.

(g) Witness is a person who presents testimony and/or documentary evidence at a hearing, other than the provider, his/her representative or the representative of the department.



VOLUME C (Title 18)