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Title: Section 52-11.7 - Safety

Effective Date


Section 52-11.7 Safety.

A nontransplant anatomic bank shall implement written safety and infection control policies and procedures to ensure protection from unnecessary physical, chemical and biological hazards.

(a) Decontamination and disposal techniques for regulated medical waste shall be utilized. All hazardous and regulated waste materials shall be handled, stored and discarded pursuant to Part 70 of this Title and/or Title 6 Subpart 360-10 as appropriate, or in the case of out-of-state banks, in accordance with the hazardous waste disposal requirements of the state in which the disposal occurs.

(b) If autoclave equipment is used for sterilization, the pressure, temperature, and duration of each cycle shall be recorded, and such records maintained for one year. For each run, these parameters shall be within the manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures. If any one or more of these parameters fall outside the manufacturer’s standards, all material shall be reautoclaved. Chemical, biological, and physical detection systems shall be used in conjunction with these other measurements of autoclave performance.

(c) Eating, drinking, smoking, and the application of cosmetics or contact lenses shall not be permitted in work areas. Refrigerators and freezers used for storing nontransplant anatomic parts, specimens, or reagents shall not be used for any other purpose.

(d) Gloves and laboratory coats, gowns or other protective clothing shall be worn while handling nontransplant anatomic parts or specimens, sufficient to protect against the transmission of disease and exposure to toxic substances. Such protective clothing shall not be worn outside the work area and shall be disposed of in an appropriate receptacle.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)