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Title: Section 52-6.12 - Disposition of unused tissue

Effective Date


52-6.12 Disposition of unused tissue.

(a) Skin that is not used by the tissue transplantation facility immediately after thawing may be refrigerated at between one and 10 degrees Celsius in isotonic or nutrient medium demonstrated to maximize tissue viability for a period of up to seven (7) days. Such skin may be issued for transplantation to the same patient to whom the skin was originally assigned, but shall not be refrozen. Thawed skin that is not used within seven (7) days shall be discarded, or used for education or research purposes authorized by Public Health Law section 4302.

(b) Skin determined to be unsuitable for transplantation, or education or research purposes shall be discarded pursuant to Part 70 of thisTitle. Packaging of skin for destruction shall be designed to obscure the contents.

(c) Skin returned by the tissue transplantation facility for possible reissuance shall meet all storage and transport requirements of this Part. The skin bank shall not reissue tissue returned by the tissue transplantation facility, unless written criteria approved by the tissue bank medical director are met.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)