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Title: Section 52-7.3 - Tissue procurement services

Effective Date


52-7.3 Tissue procurement services.

(a) A facility that engages in donor selection and solicitation, and retrieval of ocular tissue shall be licensed by the department as a comprehensive tissue procurement service.

(b) A facility whose tissue acquisition activities are limited to donor selection and solicitation by its own staff shall be licensed by the department as a limited tissue procurement service.

(c) Comprehensive tissue procurement services retrieving ocular tissue aseptically from cadaveric donors shall maintain written standard operating procedures that assure that the retrieval environment, including, but not limited to, walls, floors and permanent equipment, is suitable for enucleation or excision, and adequate to prepare a clean surgical field. A working sink shall be available.

(d) Ocular tissue retrieval shall be performed only by trained retrieval technicians under the supervision of the director of a licensed eye bank. The director of the licensed eye bank shall be responsible for developing policies, procedures and standards for the educational background, training, certification and continuing education of retrieval technicians. Documentation of compliance with this requirement and the standards developed shall be maintained.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)