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Title: Section 52-8.4 - Direction and medical direction

Effective Date


52-8.4 Direction and medical direction.

(a) Medical direction of a reproductive tissue bank shall be provided by the medical director in consultation with the medical advisory committee, if applicable.

(b) Except for insemination/implantation sites, the reproductive tissue bank director, in consultation with the medical director, if not the same person, and the medical advisory committee shall monitor the efficacy of the reproductive tissue banking program and shall, as a minimum, develop:

(1) medical criteria for donor participation;

(2) quality standards for sperm, oocytes, embryos and other reproductive tissue, as applicable; and

(3) guidelines for determining a maximum number of offspring per donor to minimize the probability of consanguinity.

(c) The reproductive tissue bank director shall be responsible for selection of donors who meet the medical criteria and the technical/scientific operation of the reproductive tissue bank, and shall make available to the physician performing each artificial insemination or assisted reproductive procedure the donor's medical history and other pertinent nonidentifying characteristics of the donor, so that recipient counseling may be provided.

(d) Artificial insemination and all assisted reproductive procedures shall be ordered only by a licensed physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner. Artificial insemination procedures shall be performed only by:

(1) a licensed physician;

(2) a licensed physician's assistant; (3) a licensed nurse practitioner; or
(4) a licensed registered nurse who has been trained in the technical aspects of artificial insemination by a licensed physician, licensed physician's assistant or licensed nurse practitioner employed by the insemination/implantation site, and is supervised by such a physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner.


VOLUME A-1 (Title 10)